Christopher Butterfield (ista International GmbH)

I am a Gearbox Builder: Everything I do is dedicated to make tasks easier, faster and more efficient in everyones daily working life within an enterprise company.

I have a proven track record in enterprise social collaboration, digital asset management (DAM), international project management, integration know-how, integrated communication workflows, interface management and design. For more than 20 years I have been working as an internal and external consultant inside international business networks.

There is only ONE thing that counts: Get the right people, mindset and “toothed wheels” together and speed-up collaboration.

My Sessions

How ICEC can help to make it easy for users engaging with HCL Connections


ista is one of the world’s leading companies providing energy management services. Since October 2017 we are on our journey transforming HCL Connections to our central digital collaboration platform – connecting everyone and everything that matters in our daily working business. We implemented HCL Connections (CR4) with Pink OrientMe, Video-, Web-Meetings, IBM Docs, IBM video […]

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