Julie Guegan (J&Co Advisory)

Julie guegan started her career as communication professional for BBDO corporate and Hopscotch before joining the world of the European Institutions in Brussels. While communication professional for various departments of the European Commission and Eurocontrol, she has been one of the first adopters of social and collaborative technologies. Today she is a freelance and delivers workshops, conferences and consultancy support on the topics of collaboration and empowerment. She is French and lives with her two kids in Brussels. She is a keen traveler and passionate about the notion of co-leadership.

My Sessions

The path to Social Collaboration: A story of ambition and leadership


The path to social collaboration is full of opportunities as well as challenges. This change journey requires ambition and courage from the leaders who need the full commitment of their change agents towards success. In this session, the speaker, Julie Guegan will share her insights and main learnings following her experience as social collaboration catalyst […]

Management and Adoption