Martin Schmidt (Beck et al. GmbH)

Martin Schmidt is a Senior IT Consultant at Beck et al. GmbH with over 20 years experience working with IBM products. He started working with IBM Connections version 1.01 in 2007.
His main focus is automatic installation and operations of the product, it’s eco system and the underlying infrastructure.
By programming small tools and integrations between Connections and other customer systems, he brings more value to the customers of Beck et al. His deep technical knowledge about the Connections software stack is one of the key factors for his successful automation and integration projects.

My Sessions

Switching the LDAP from Domino to Active Directory in Connections without nightmares


You may encounter that the LDAP used will be replaced by a different technology and you want to perform that without data loss. We will present you details of switching Connections on-premise from Domino LDAP to AD LDAP for 130.000 users. What are the pre-requisites and which steps have to be taken during the migration? […]