Saja Beerendonk Sasja Beerendonk (Silverside)

Transforming businesses from an email culture to a collaborative culture Sasja Beerendonk is a senior Consultant at Silverside and is one of the most experienced user adoption consultants in Europe. She blogs, authors eBooks, and speaks at (inter)national conferences on User Adoption, Collaboration, Change Management and Productivity. She works closely with organisations such as Saxion University, the Dutch Tax Office, Kawasaki, SES, NN Group, OMRON, Flanderijn, Renewi, and LIPS+. Sasja is passionate about enabling a new way of working and motivating people to embrace technology to work smarter and enhance digital literacy. Outside of work, Sasja loves running and going on long walks with her dog. You may wake her up for spinach any time.

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