It is with great sadness in our hearts that the Social Connections team has to announce that there will not be an event this fall.

We announced a November event in Southern Europe during the closing session of our Toronto event and the team has worked very hard since then to get this on the rails, but due to many factors we ran out of time.

It is very important to us to maintain the quality of our events and even improve each and every one of them. We now are at the point where we cannot guarantee that same quality and our high standard.  We are thinking of our sponsors, attendees and also ourselves, who depend on this.

Therefore we decided it is best to postpone and focus on our 2017 spring event and make this one the best one ever.

If you are interested in knowing why we ended up cancelling this event, feel free to reach out to any of the team members. We will happily give you an insight in our journey full of pitfalls that led to this decision.

The team is extremely sad and disappointed about this. Both for ourselves, but also for our sponsors, speakers and attendees who have been reaching out to us wondering when they should book their flights and hotel.

We have learned a lot on this journey, which will benefit us and eventually you, in the future.

We have something going on. We can’t tell you yet what it is. But since this one was like a balloon just swooshing out air,  next time  we will be better, stronger and cooler than ever.

Stay tuned!