We are very pleased to announce our first 2 customer sessions today. Join us in Munich to listen to thyssenkrup AG and Evonik.

Dr. Eric Marzo-Wilhelm from thyssenkrup AG will speak with Florian Schwade from the University of Koblenz and share teir unique insight on collaboration and Social Collaboration Analytics. They will share the story of how we.connect (IBM Connections) emerged as a platform for global collaboration at thyssenkrupp AG.

Rainer Gimbel from Evonik will be joined by panagenda’s Luis Suarez to learn about the impact of professional community management to the overall success of ESNs and the possibilities to measure and evaluate their health and maturity.

Both these sessions are an excellent reason to visit Social Connections in Munich on September 16 & 17. You can register here

Got inspired and want to submit a sessions as well, Abstracts are open until end of this month. Don’t be shy, go for it.