We know. The sun is shining and it’s summer (or winter, depending on where you are). There is a lot to do and to plan and sometimes time just disappear like a cold glass of prosecco on a hot summer day.

But your friends in the Social Connections team has of course thought of that. Therefore we extend our call for abstract a couple of days so you now calmly and finally can sit down and put together that abstract you have had in you head for a while.

You know, that awesome code you wrote to solve that super tricky problem, or that customer who jumped up and down with joy when you executed that project with 5 star class, or maybe that trick you learned how to work better, faster, more efficient and fun!

Or, most likely, that fantastic thing that is in your head only. Yes, exactly that. We want to hear about that. And so does our audience of developers, administrators, managers, project managers, community managers, evangelists etc.

So please submit your abstract for Social Connections, 16-17 October 2018 in Berlin HERE

And before midnight end of Thursday!

Should you need a short refreshment on what we are interested in, take a look below

Social connections have always prided itself in being a very open conference that offers a podium to both the best of the best of experiences and well known speakers as well as to anyone that can contribute from a wealth of day to day experience. Be it customers, business partners or IBM.

  • Administration – sessions relating to administering collaboration platforms.
  • Case Study – sessions focused on telling the story of existing projects. We love case studies!
  • Development – share your tips, techniques and experience of developing solutions or applications.
  • Future of Work – sessions about improving the productivity of individuals and organisations.
  • Management and adoption – sessions that take a higher-level view.
  • Spotlight – think of it as being akin to TED talks, but within the framework of Social Connections.
  • Watson Work Services – New way of working in teams.
  • New Technologies – Anything new and exciting you think could be a fit.
  • Academic – Faculty, IT staff or Student of academic institutions.


So if you feel you have something to contribute, a story to tell, a lesson learned that could help others in a similar situation then please don’t hesitate and submit a session.

We would love to hear from you!