During the lead up to the Social Connections VI event in Prague in June, the team will be highlighting each of our valued sponsors in turn.  We are delighted to have their support  – without it we really couldn’t deliver this event and offer the completely no-fee attendance that we do.

We are very excited to announce our Budweiser-level sponsor for this event and the sponsor of our speakers and sponsors reception:  FRITZ & MACZIOL

Logo FRTZ & MACZIOL group

Since its first release in 2007, FRITZ & MACZIOL believed and has heavily invested in IBM Connections and is one of the biggest providers of services related to Connections in Germany.

Besides implementation of the product they offer consultancy services and add-on products to IBM Connections.

Their senior engineers have deep experiences in implementing and optimizing the product on various platforms. High availability infrastructures including fail-over solutions for all components including DB/2 database and file server back end are used by many of their customers. Some of their experts also contributed add-on scripting and authentication solutions to the community like Christoph Stoettner (IBM champion) and Andreas Artner (AdminCamp Germany). They also offer administration courses for IBM Connections administrators and development courses for web developers e.g. using the Social Business toolkit (SBT).

FRITZ & MACZIOL’s business consulting team is offering services and consulting around getting started into the new ways of working with IBM Connections. They are offering a complete model for introducing Connections including a technology and governance framework, change management methods, guidelines, training and education. They are specialized in the entire portfolio of IBM software and also provide integration of Connections with WebSphere Portal, WCM, BPM and we are also experienced in the application of business analytics techniques based on Watson to IBM Connections.

In addition during the last years, FRITZ & MACZIOL have also created a bunch of ready-to-use add-ons and products for IBM Connections:

  • C3 – Contacts, Connect, and Communities:  “Knowledge Accelerator” is an add-on to IBM Connections that provides a self-service login module, a password change add-on, a “terms and conditions” application and additional features like an expert finder. It is installed upon IBM Connections to improve the experience and usability of the product.
  • Migration of IBM Quickr to IBM Connections: Since software withdrawal announcement of IBM Quickr in mid of 2013 customers are able to use IBM Connections Content Manager (CCM) as replacement for formerly used Quickr team places. FRITZ & MACZIOL are offering services around consulting and migrating data/information from IBM Quickr to IBM Connections Content Manager by their certified IBM software experts.
  • Big Data meets IBM Connections: The benefits of IBM Connections for a company are more than establishing a set of Social Business tools to improve communication and collaboration between people. If Connections is used as intended, i.e. as an open platform for sharing information and data, discussions, insights, ideas, opinions etc., it becomes a treasure of data containing a lot of knowledge about the company itself. FRITZ & MACZIOL are offering a ready-to-use solution by applying methods of business analytics and big data to IBM Connections data. They are using IBM Watson, Hadoop & Co. to bring additional value to your Connections investment.
  • Soccer World Cup app – Brazil 2014: FRITZ & MACZIOL has a ready-to-use World Cup app based on web standards that can be integrated into IBM Connections for motivation and gamification. A review of research on gamification shows that most studies on gamification find positive effects from gamification. This app is fully integrated into the Connections user experience and can be used e.g. inside a community.

Logo FRTZ & MACZIOL group

The FRITZ & MACZIOL group is part of the Royal Imtech N.V., an internationally acting Dutch company group, being leading in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering and ICT. The ICT Imtech division covers the entire ICT chain including software and hardware, business intelligence, control technology, platform automation, data and telecommunications, data modelling, data centres, ICT infrastructures, internet and intranet applications, managed IT services, and communication technology and other.

Visit FRITZ & MACZIOL’s website: http://www.fum.de