Are you in the final prepping stages for your trip to Florida? I can somehow relate to that if that is the case.

There is a heavy snowfall over Stockholm and I must admit that Orlando sounds a lot more inviting, however, I would like to see the forecast pick up there as well!

Stockholm snow Jan 2015

From this…

Dolphin & Swan hotels

to this… (yes!)

Anyways, what I was getting at is that we are going to Orlando, at least a few of the Social Connections team. Maria, Jan, Doug and (Lars) from the #soccnx team will be on hand in Orlando, running around, trying to be as social as possible and learning what’s up in the world of ICS, Social Business and the rest of the collaboration space.

For those in the Americas, you might be telling yourself that you’ve heard about this Social Connections event we’ve dragged across Europe for the last couple of years, but you’ve never had the opportunity to go as it’s quite a trip over the pond?  Well, we are bringing it to you and to the USA for the first time this April! So we wanna ask you to come talk to us while at ConnectED, ask us questions, or just generally buzz around to get the feeling for what will surely be a memorable event in Boston this spring.

Like we always say at the start of each Social Connections event, come up, be social! We would love to inspire you to come to Boston with us.

Have a great week in Florida all of you who will attend, and see you there!