Our next Gold sponsor you might know as the Aussies (new: now also with a Swede), a k a ISW and the app suite Kudos Apps. One thing is certain though, Kudos Apps constantly evolves to meet the users’ needs.

Not only is many of the apps available for both On Premise and Cloud, they have also added on some fantastic things in the blockbuster Kudos Boards. Users who previously were working with the very popular Kanban view of their task can now also reach a whole new level of task management with 2 new ways on looking at the tasks. First we have the Timeline view which lets the user to see a calendar with all tasks clearly visible on the specific dates. Second we have a Mindmap view which lets you have a great overview over the whole project. And of course as earlier, drag and drop tasks in between lists and dates.

Your projects has never been more easy to manage and keep track on.

So come to our booth were you can take a closer look on these new major updates on Kudos Boards and see our other apps such as Kudos Ideas, Kudos Buzzy, Kudos Badges, Kudos Awards and Kudos Analytics.