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Customer sessions part 3: Save the best for last

And another batch of Customer sessions arrives. We are now at a whopping 8 customers telling us about what they do with Connections. In this session Stefanie Preisinger from Continental AG will dive into importance of their Enterprise Social Network ConNext. https://socialconnections.info/sessions/the-value-and-relevance-of-enterprise-social-network-at-continental-in-the-establishment-of-a-new-work-style-with-the-power-of-networks/ Learn how Luther Lawfirm replaced their intranet with HCL Connections and ICEC from […]

Social Connections 15 Agenda published

Hello everyone, after a hard selection work we have published our conference Agenda for Social Connections 15. This year we will have a good number of use case sessions in addiction to the Admin, Dev and Management sessions so everyone could find a reason to attend the conference! A considerable number of speakers from HCL […]

Customer sessions part 2: Case study time!

And we are back for some more customer sessions at Social Connections Munich. We are very proud to host 3 more customers share their story in the case study track. Come and listen to Regina Schumacher from ista International GmbH, she will take about engaging your users with ICEC. https://socialconnections.info/sessions/how-icec-can-help-to-make-it-easy-for-users-engaging-with-ibm-connections/ We also have Eurapco’s Marta […]

Workshops September 18

On the morning after the Social Connections conference, September 18 we will be hosting 2 or 3 workshops. The content of the third one is work in progress but HCL wants you to join their workshops. When you are booking your flights or other transport and you want to take participate, please take this into […]

Meet our platinum sponsor HCL

We are very proud to present HCL to you, our platinum sponsor for Social Connections Munich. We are extremely pleased that HCL has become our strategic partner for this conference, and working together with them to deliver content is refreshing, agile and forward thinking. They get things done! HCL will be delivering a keynote featuring […]

Social Connections 15 : accommodation guide

Dear future attendees of Social Connections 15, this blog post is here to make your trip to Social Connections 15 easier. Let’s see some accommodation! Best Choice – NH Collection München Bavaria Do you want to make the most of your experience at Social Connections 15 ? Nothing better than staying in the same place […]

Announcing location of Social Connections 15 – we are going south

After a period of long thoughts, pondering, discussions, interviews we have decided the next location for our fantastic collaboration and networking conference known as Social Connections. For the first time ever we stay in the same country as our previous conference, Germany. The reason for that is simply that the community asked us. And who […]