During the lead up to the Social Connections VI event in Prague in June, the team will be highlighting each of our valued sponsors in turn.  We are delighted to have their support  – without it we really couldn’t deliver this event and offer the completely no-fee attendance that we do.

We are proud to announce yet another new sponsor for Social Connections with a Bronze level sponsorship:  oXy Online

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oXy Online s.r.o. – Company Profile

oXy Online is a Czech company, which provides complex services in the area of e-commerce and company’s information technology systems. It entered the market in 2001.
It concentrates primarily on medium enterprises and corporations, which within the Czech Republic and most European countries cover basically all companies.
Outside of the commercial sphere oXy Online uses the Social Business concept and team cooperation also in the military environment and public administration.

From the Technology to Practical Usage of the Tools and the Concept

What is the oXy Online’s approach towards Social Business concept? The company is interested in the way the organization works from the point of view of their formal and most importantly informal processes. Not the technology, but the business needs are put into the centre of attention. The product itself and its installation aren’t by far as important as the methodology of its utilization and long-lasting concept of company development. oXy Online share their experiences and remarks on website www.socialweb.cz.

Social Business in Different than Multinational Companies

A lot of attention has been paid to the ways of implementing the Social Business concept in multinational companies. Many presentations, materials and case studies have been made on this topic. On the other hand possibilities, opportunities, contributions and ways of the implementation are often omitted by medium enterprises and national corporations, even though they account for 80% of all companies in the European market.
This gap is going to be filled by Michal Holoubek and Jan Valdman on July 17, 2014 at 11.55am – 12.25pm with a presentation on “IBM Connections in Small or Medium Enterprise? Sure!

Visit oXy Online’s website:  http://www.socialweb.cz/