We are announcing our first session!

We are proud to present Mr. Pink Jason Gary as a speaker at Social Connections. Jason will tell us all about the future of IBM Connections which we know as Connections Pink.

Those of you who attended IBM Connect remember the excitement and vibe in his session where the room was so full we all had to stand in the back and along the walls.

We can’t wait to hear more from Jason on the latest updates regarding Pink since IBM Connect.

Jason will be speaking with Baan Slavens. Baan is Senior Offering Manager for IBM Connections.  Baan focuses on  understanding the collaboration market and the future direction for collaboration for IBM Connections.  She is also the Offering Manager for IBM Connection Mobile and the lead for the strategic direction of all the mobile applications in IBM Collaborations.

Check out the full description of this session here.

More to come! This is only the first of many great sessions we have lined up for you. Stay tuned for more information.


Register for the conference through our website, and note that we are accepting abstracts until end of the month if you are interested in speaking.