Are you like us, who thinks that networking is as big part of a conference as the sessions and the learning and knowledge sharing?

Do you also, like us, think that evening events with peers, customers, business partners and IBMers brings that extra special layer of a conference?

A moment where you can have more relaxed conversations and get to know people you wouldn’t otherwise? Good. Are you also ready to have fun? Even better.

You are most welcome to our Gala night after the first day of the conference, Thursday April 26, 2018

We at Social Connections take pride in not only giving you food and a place for networking, we also want to give you that little extra. A trip down memory lane among our earlier Gala nights: Sensapolis in Stuttgart where we did wall climbing and go-karting, Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto where we played ice hockey games and shot pucks on goals, Ace Bounce in Chicago where we played table tennis to name a few.

So what have we cooked up for you this time?

Let’s just say pool/billiards, darts and shuffle boards. Accompanied by food and refreshing beverages.

Welcome to Buffalo Billiards 118 Chestnut St. Philadelphia at 7:30 pm. Right after speed sponsoring at the conference venue. Dress code: business casual

Do you want in on all the fun? Register here for Social Connections 13 in Philadelphia. The IBM Collaboration conference with value. One free ticket to our Gala event is included!

See you!