Social Connections 8

In the few days since we announced our fantastic agenda for Social Connections 8 in Boston, the number of registered attendees has almost doubled!

For this event, we have asked each attendee why they have registered.  Here are some of the recent answers that have been given:


  • I’m a new user and would like to know more about Connections.
  • This will be my first one. Very excited to attend after seeing the great value presented at the previous 7.
  • I’ve never attended previously but hope to hear insights and feedback from other customers about their successes and challenges with social, what use cases they have, and their adoption strategy.

Learning & Education

  • Our organization is deploying Connections 5 in 2015. I’m looking for ways to make the business side of the deployment a success.
  • My group is responsible for support of Connections and helps with user adoption. I would like to hear how other companies are using Connections and what worked best in their organization.
  • I want to learn what clients are doing
  • I train business students to work effectively with Connections
  • Learn more how Social Business trends are driving companies today
  • Build and extend their skills and knowledge, work in real collaboration between BP and Customers
  • Plans fell through the last year to attend and me and my team have a strong focus on developing social solutions.
  • Learn. Meet up with friends.
  • Learn new things! 🙂
  • To Network with individuals who share the common passion for Enterprise Social Networking and to keep up to date with latest developments in this domain.
  • We are implementing Connections and I want to be better informed about the best way it should be used.
  • I am looking forward to meeting with customers and understanding the community’s input on our user experience direction.
  • Thought leadership and Connections
  • I am most interested in developing additions to IBM Connections

Keep with Trends & Future Evolution

  • I manage IBM Connections at my company. [I need to u]nderstand the technology, the road map, and network with industry champions.
  • Hear interesting thoughts and visions about social software – and the location begs for information about future products and developments following
  • The location leads to expect information about the future of the IBM social products and about new products/thinkings
  • Keep up with trends and deep diving
  • Keep up on where IBM is going and some deep diving


  • As a IBM Premier Business Partner we are involved in many social collaboration projects. I want to share experiences with the social collaboration community.
  • I hope to be speaking and also attending technical sessions.
  • I was a speaker at Social Connections 7
  • To share knowledge and learn
  • Share Connections knowledge, network, attend other presentations
  • Learn from this wonderful community and share my experiences!
  • An opportunity to meet others and share my story in the hopes that it inspires others.

The Community & Networking

  • Excited to reconnect with this community and learn more about social adoption.
  • To meet all the great people here! 🙂
  • Getting to know more people in the IBM Connections area
  • Meet customers and how they are being successful at getting value from Connections.
  • Networking, Education, Visibility
  • Networking, Latest technical infos on IBM Connections, Speaker 🙂
  • Obviously to build network 🙂 I hope to see more deep technical session
  • Connect with customers and partners
  • Networking, new insights, learning
  • Social relationship, technical session
  • I want to meet clients and partners
  • To meet like minded people.
  • I was a speaker and attendee at Social Connections 7

And the last but not least:

  • Because its the best event in the world regarding the product IBM Connections !
  • To meet all the people!

So, what is your reason to attend?

Register today and tell us!