Many have heard about Kudos Badges, the most wide-spread extension for IBM Connections which is used by millions of users in 30 countries.

Kudos Badges are now part of Kudos Suite, built by our foremost sponsor from Austalia, ISW. Did you know Kudos has evolved with apps designed to increase productivity, measure utilisation and reward performance, as well as allow teams to collaborate on activities better? Kudos Boards has been taking the world by storm with its Kanban approach to task management and teamwork, and now, Kudos has added Buzzy to its suite for instantaneous and user friendly app creation to make any workplace more agile.

Come to Philadelphia to learn also more about Ideas, the latest innovation from Kudos that allows you to create rooms where peers can raise, review and vote on ideas across the workplace and elevate ideas into actions.

Kudos is one of Social Connections long time sponsors for as long as I can remember. So thank you Kudos, from our team we are very happy to meet again in Philly!