Meet Luis Suarez!

As if 2 days of networking, socializing and learning all about IBM Connections and everything around it isn’t enough, we bring you an extra day after the event with Luis Suarez and his masterclass ‘From Adoption to Adaptation, From Enablement into Engagement’.

Join us the day after Social Connections 10 for a full blast masterclass about Social Business. On how to inspire and facilitate adoption in your organization. Get the means to re-define a new way of working with your fellow colleagues and peers and become a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise.

What if that methodology, good practices, extensive expertise and know-how would all be at your fingertips, so you could apply it right away? What if you knew the nuts and bolts of getting your management and senior leadership teams all involved right from the start to help facilitate the final social business transformation you have always been looking for? Are you ready?

Come and join us on this one day masterclass to find out and learn how you can get the most out of your IBM Connections deployment to begin, or continue, that transformation journey into becoming a successful Social Business.

You will learn how to

  • not only install social software, but also make your business into a social business
  • promote and support new ways of working in your company
  • get closer together with new forms of communication and collaboration between colleagues and business partners, and accelerate the digital transformation
  • avoid typical mistakes in the implementation of company-wide social networks and achieve successful results.
  • convince executives and middle management and may face resistance

Whether you are just getting started with your Social Business Adaptation Journey, or whether you are already a very well seasoned 2.0 knowledge worker, this workshop will provide you an opportunity to learn with other fellow practitioners through plenty of practical, hands-on advice, good practices, lots of hints and tips and, most importantly, all of the necessary knowledge resources available to date.

This session is going to be really focused, packed with value and offer tremendous opportunities to learn from both Luis and the other attendees’ experience. So do not hesitate too long. Places will be allocated in order of registration.