We have opened our call for abstract and speakers for our fall conference in Munich.

As always we are looking for speakers who are passionate about collaboration solutions. It can be deep-dive technical sessions, best practices, use cases, success stores, catastrophe stories. Or something unique, that just you thought of. For inspiration, see below.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you: info@socialconnections.info

We are inviting sessions in the following tracks:

  • Administration – sessions relating to administering collaboration platforms. It could be the design and build of infrastructure, upgrading, managing users, migrating to the cloud, integration with other services or platforms etc. Sessions relating to cloud, hybrid or on-premises infrastructures are welcome!
  • Case Study – We love case studies! Sessions focused on telling the story of existing collaboration projects. And the more honest the better! Ideally these sessions should feature at least one speaker from the company that uses the platform, but they could be accompanied by a vendor or partner.
  • Development – how and why to develop for these services. We’d love you to share your tips, techniques and experience of developing solutions or applications, where you might hit issues, and how you overcome them.
  • Future of Work – sessions in this track should explore topics around the area of improving the productivity of individuals and organisations through the use of collaboration platforms.
  • Management and Adoption – sessions that take a higher-level view of the issues, challenges and opportunities that surface when deploying collaboration platforms.
  • Spotlight – this track is designed to give new (or experienced) speakers the chance to present a short session on a topic of their choice. Think of it as being akin to TED talks, but within the framework of Social Connections. You can choose to use a presentation deck or not, to prepare earnestly or to speak from the heart, the choice is yours. What we’re after is insight, interest and passion – the rest is up to you!
  • New Technology – We also want to reach out to new things, if you feel you have an interesting session on a new technology, please submit in this track.
  • Sponsor – for those organisations that are sponsoring the event at Gold level or above, there is the option to submit a Sponsor session for the conference.
  • Workshop – For hands on training. Please supply all information needed on what you need to be able to run it.
  • Academic – For faculty, IT staff or even students of any academic institution who want to share what they have achieved with collaboration platforms and how they see the future of collaboration.