We are super excited about the announcements and vibe around Connections at IBM Think

To start off with, just days before the conference, IBM released CR4 for IBM Connections 6. You can find a full description of what is new in that release here, but we wanted to share some highlights.
#New Community Catalog Page
The new design is following the Orient Me experience, with a large quick filtering bar on the top and a nice community list, that allows you to have a quick glance at what the communities are about and of course a link to enter them.

#Customizer light
It is now possible to install Connections Customizer without installing the rest of the component pack. This should make it lighter and easier to get started.

#File sharing via link
You can now easily share a file via a link that gets generated, to give read access to personal and community files

IBM has also announced CR5 to become available next quarter. We have seen a recent ramp up in pace in the release cycle that makes us very happy and grows confidence about the future of this great product.

Danielle Baptiste (Director, Offering Management, IBM Collaboration Solutions) also mentioned in her session that they now have over 4,500 ideas in the ideation system for Connections. If you don’t know how to access the ideation system, please check out the following link. Offering Management of Connections is listening to you, the customers. So go in and submit your ideas!

But probably the most exciting news for Connections was the announcement for the Jams. Following the successful pattern of Domino Jams, the Connections Offering Management team is announcing Jams for Connections in April and May. Please check this link to register.

There will be Jams in the following locations early this year:
Brussels (May date to be confirmed)
Stockholm (date to be confirmed)
Paris (April 5)
Frankfurt (April 1)
London (May date to be confirmed)
Charlotte (May date to be confirmed)
Asia Pacific (locations and 2H2019 dates to be confirmed)
But they will continue on later in the year as well. We are looking to add one to our next Social Connections event on September 16 and 17 and we are working to host one in Stockholm in April or May.
Last but not least we want to list some interesting content for you from the conference. Check out the following links to learn more about the bright future for Connections.