Good news everyone!

A popular part of the Boston event is back for another run!

The design track of sessions that IBM presented at Social Connections in Boston, with the focus on the Design Thinking strategy of IBM and what comes out of it is returning!

In this track you will learn how IBM are bringing their design thinking into products like Verse and Toscana. We’ll be treated to a session on how designing IBM Verse led to the idea of “A New Way To Work” (Margo Ezekiel & Jen Heinz), how to evolve teamworking with the help of Project Toscana (Ami Dewar), and you will be asked to help out in some activities related to design thinking and IBM Design. Ethan Perry and Erika Varga will discuss how to stay oriented with design thinking, while Joe Russo and Jodi Rajaniemi are speaking on Design Thinking for Application Development.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 09.38.32As I write this post,¬† I realise that it’s been about a year since IBM Verse was released. The design process behind IBM verse could be described as a starting point for the design thinking that we are now seeing in all ICS offerings as well as in other parts of IBM.

So why not Register now and join us for this great track that gives a good insight into the future of IBM, yes a pretty bold statement, but design can sure make a BIG difference.