The event’s gala reception takes place on the evening of Thursday 13th November, between 7:30pm and 10:30pm.

The team know that we have a lot of live up to when it comes to our gala receptions – a castle in Wales, the historic Guinness factory in Dublin, overlooking the lake in Zürich, and then that majestic view (and fireworks) in Prague! However, after much searching, we think we have found one of the very best venues in Stockholm for this event’s evening gathering…

We are truly delighted to announce that we be hosting the gala reception at Fotografiska – the world-renown photography museum:


It all began in 1940 when the court photographer Sundgren presented a proposal for a photographic museum in Sweden. The Magazine Photo spoke with museum directors and photographers who showed interest and enthusiasm. Although the idea of a permanent home for photography was discussed back and forth, nothing happened until 70 years later when the doors to Fotografiska finally opened in Stadsgårdskajen in Stockholm.

The initiators and founders of Fotografiska are brothers Jan and Per Broman who both have a long history working in the photography industry. To assist them they have a dedicated group of coworkers with expertise within various fields.

Fotografiska and SÃdermalmThis incredible location is on the water’s edge, with views across Stockholm:

Fotografiska is housed in a former industrial Art Nouveau style building dating back to 1906. Designed by Ferdinand Boberg, the building was used for the customs control of goods and is listed as a building of cultural interest. The original brick facade of the beautiful customs building is intact, while the interior has been renovated to house the museum. The city of Stockholm has funded the 250 million crown restoration costs. Today, the entire 5,500 square meter space is filled with photographs and exhibitions from around the world.

The evening will begin with welcome drinks, before an optional tour of the museum’s finest exhibits:

Exhibitions are the foundation of Fotografiska. Our ambition is to exhibit world-renowned photographers, many who have never been shown in Sweden, as well as those who are not yet established. Since our grand opening, May 20th 2010, we have shown legends like Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle and Nick Brandt and introduced new photographers like Helena Blomqvist, Klara Kallstrom and Johan Wik.

Fotografiska Images

We believe photography is an art form with a bright future that grows increasingly important for us humans. In addition to being a place where humans meet, we find inspiration, peace and strength from it.

This will be followed by a three course meal designed by the museum’s chef, Paul Svensson:

Our kitchen pride themselves on the same excellent quality and standard as the rest of the museum. Our aim is to create experiences for all the senses – where tastes, fragrances, our choice of raw materials and the surrounding environment combine as part of a well-considered whole.

mat-dryckDown at Fotografiska’s kitchen, our ambitions are just as high as in the rest of the building. Our goal is to create experiences that will appeal to all the senses, where the tastes, fragrances, choice of raw ingredients and the ambient environment all contribute to a carefully considered total concept.

Our philosophy is rooted in Swedish culinary traditions, however we dare to differ and are happy to go beyond national borders to seek inspiration.

matnoje-1We are convinced that you have the same high demands on what is served as we do. That is why it goes without saying that the starting-point for our menus is the change of seasons. This means that we try to avoid unnecessary transportation and use organic products as far as possible. We work together with carefully chosen suppliers and our preference is always for Swedish raw ingredients.

Paul Svensson, one of Sweden’s most celebrated chefs, is closely involved in our activities as a source of culinary inspiration and a concept developer.

There’s something very special about sharing a meal together, so with plenty of opportunities for networking and enjoying each others’ company, we believe this will be a wonderful way to cement the relationships made or continued at the event!

The Social Connections team have no doubt that this will one of our best gala receptions yet. So if you haven’t already registered for the event (and the reception), please do so now!