soccnxspeakerNow IBM Connect is over and everyone is eagerly awaiting the upcoming IBM Connections 4.5 release, the preparations for Social Connections V are in full swing. With a fantastic location in beautiful Zurich and already a good number of people signed up from over all over it promises to be a great event. Our last event in Amsterdam was maxed out with over 200 registrations and had people attending from over 16 different countries and we are expecting a similar turnout for Zurich in June!

Talks are already underway with keynote speakers and the first abstracts have been submitted but with over 20 slots to fill there is always room for more so the call for abstracts for Soccnx V is now open for all sessions proposals.  As always we aim to get the best of the best in terms of innovation and quality when it comes to sessions and speakers. To get an impression of our agendas in the past take a look at our agenda for Social Connections IV in Amsterdam last November.

But… does that mean we only accept well known and established speakers? No! Social Connections is a user group event for IBM Connections. A relatively new area of expertise for a lot of people which in itself means we see a lot of new blood coming into the community. We love to encourage new and upcoming speakers so if you feel you have something to contribute then don’t hesitate to submit.

The rules are simple. Each session slot is 30min and needs to be given in English and there are four categories for which you can submit:

  •  Management: How do you make your business social? Implementation strategies, best practices, how to build a business case and any other topic that can help organizations plan and implement their own social Business environment.
  • Administration & Infrastructure: How to do it? What do you need to set up and maintain a good IBM Connections environment? Installation, setting-up, security, integration and anything else that you need to know to administrate a stable environment.
  • Development: How do you develop for IBM Connections? Building plug-ins, widgets or doing customizations and integration. Anything related to extending the IBM Connections platform.
  • Case Studies: Why did you chose IBM Connections and what has it brought your organization? Got anything to share about your implementation experiences, the reasons why Social Business is enhancing your business potential or streamlining the processes then we would love to hear! Thinking about social business is one thing. To get a first-hand story from an organization that has actually done it or is doing it can be a real eye-opener.



So don’t hesitate and submit if you feel you have what it takes to deliver a session at Social Connections and be a part of this growing community of IBM Connections users. We look forward to hearing  from you!