Although you can see who our sponsors are via their own sponsors page on our site, we wanted to highlight each of our valued sponsors and tell you a bit about each. Why?

Because Social Connections simply wouldn’t go on without sponsors. We are grateful for them as they make the whole thing possible, from the venue to the sessions to the gala reception and more! Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with each and start thinking of all the questions you might have to ask at our sponsor showcase in Stockholm.


Infoware Solutions Svenska AB]

Infoware Solutions (Champagne Sponsor & sponsor of our Gala Reception) is one of the largest IBM Premier Business Partner in Scandinavia with full focus on IBM Social Business. With good understanding of their customers’ challenges and expertise Social Business, they develop successful products that make IBM platforms more efficient. Their experiences include content and user management, as well as social platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Today, they have gathered all of their company experience in implementing and managing IBM Connections, and developed a revolutionary tool for easy and powerful management of content and user access: DomainPatrol Social.



Affecto logoAffecto (Gold Sponsor) is the forerunner in the field of Enterprise Information Management in the Northern Europe. Their solutions for information management and business analytics help organisations to improve productivity and competitiveness with superior use of information in decision making and execution.  They also deliver operational solutions for improving and simplifying processes at customer organisations and offer geographic information services.



TrustSphere-Logo_FA(CMYK)TrustSphere (Gold Sponsor) is the recognized market leader in Messaging Intelligence, having pioneered a next-generation approach to analyzing both internal and external communication patterns across an organization and synthesizing these to provide actionable insights.  Clients who implement their solutions, which are primarily based on their existing corporate data, improve visibility and collaboration among management and customer teams. Collaboration leads to an improvement in performance and productivity across multiple lines of business. The insights gained have a direct impact on both customer experience and business performance.




Kudos (Gold Sponsor) can transform and accelerate organisations usage of IBM Connections by encouraging users to leverage the full capability of social enterprise as well as increasing their productivity through clever design. The Kudos Suite for IBM Connections includes Kudos Badges, Kudos Awards & Kudos Thanks, Kudos Analytics, and Kudos Boards.



ttagroupTIMETOACT Group (Gold Sponsor) loves IBM Connections and its potential for social business. As a full service partner, TIMETOACT GROUP walks the social walk with their customers. During the whole time they help and assist thier customers to find the best seeds, the most promising acres, efficient farmers and high quality fertilizer within their enterprise. There is no question in their mind about the worth of the fruits of Social Business. But depending on the foundation and the maintenance there are significant differences in growth and quality of the harvest. Let them help you with their expertise and simple to use extensions for IBM Connections to get the best out of your installment.



Logo_black_horizontal-01IBM (Gold Sponsor) is the global leader in IT solutions and services with over 100 years of experience in innovations that have been shaping our world. IBM Connections is a leading social software platform that can help your organization engage the right people, accelerate innovation and deliver results. This integrated, security-rich platform helps people engage with networks of experts in the context of critical business processes. Now everyone can act with confidence and anticipate and respond to emerging opportunities.



Connect2Cloud logoConnect 2 Cloud (Silver Sponsor) is owned by Sander Software. Sander Software is a development and consulting business. They primarily work with software from IBM and Microsoft. They have worked on some of Denmark’s largest IT installations and have great experience in understanding complex problems within system administration and application development. They also advice businesses on picking the right solution and technologies.  They are characterized by the will and urge to solve the problems that are meet through their customers and partners. In addition, their employees are obstinate and have professional pride which means that they never give up. Therefore, they often solve problems that have made other consulting businesses give up.  They take responsibility and always challenge their customers to achieve the best results with them.



OT_Logo_By_IV_Colors_WEBOnTime by IntraVision (Silver Sponsor) have always been focused on delivering the number 1 group calendaring solution to their clients, no matter where or in which context they work. Therefore it was obvious for us to introduce “Real Calendaring” into IBM’s social platform – IBM Connections. OnTime® Group Calendar for IBM Connections joins the circle of full social coordination: Coordinate and schedule your meetings directly from IBM Connections. Full group calendar functionality supporting dynamic project groups in IBM Connections Communities. Search and find available help right now directly from your IBM Connections Communities. Easy access to availability of colleagues from IBM Connections profiles. Real Time information… everywhere. And so much more…



Belsoft_applications_grossBelsoft (Silver Sponsor) is an independent, innovative solution provider with more than 15 years experience in developing and implementing complex customized solutions for SMB and large-scale enterprises. The IBM Premier partner is headquartered in Zurich. Collaboration and sharing of information are part of their daily business. As frequent speakers at user group events, international conferences or Belsoft events, their specialists regularly share their know-how.



longanaLongana (Bronze Sponsor) succeed in one of the most complicated tasks you face – ensuring that your company has the correct licenses. Not only that, but they do so in a way that is both flexible and secure for you. They help with everything from purchasing the actual licenses to ensuring that the license portfolio and its management is agreement-compliant. Longana is also one of the Nordic Region’s largest reseller of IBM software. Altogether, partnership with Longana will mean correct licenses for your company, and optimized use of them.


We truly owe a lot to these companies above for their support of Social Connections, and we can’t wait to see their sessions, demos and announcements at the event next month!