Hi Everyone!

Now it’s time to push those last few abstracts in. We know that you have a lot on your plates, as we all do. But we’d love to hear from you at Social Connections.

What’s your take on the future of work? How has IBM Connections (on premise or Cloud) helped you and your organisation become more social and efficient? Can the watercooler be removed now that we have a virtual one? The possibilities are endless (unlike my imagination, as you might see here).

We have extended the abstract submission deadline until Thursday the 14th of April, at 2PM CET.. That’s 8PM EST for you east coasters, and probably very very early for the rest of you.

We do have a great lineup so far, big thanks for all the submitted abstracts, but we’d like to see a few more!

Maybe you are a first time speaker? No worries! This is the perfect place to get your feet wet, trust me on that one. My first speaking engagement was at Social Connection 8, and it was a great experience for me personally. Had a lot of fun and got great feedback to help out my future speaking engagements.

So come on! Get your abstracts in! Click here!

Can’t wait to see and hear from you in Toronto!