Social Connections new site 800pxAs you’ll surely have heard by now, the IBM Connections user group, Social Connections, meets again in November – our 7th major event in just 40 months!

Having so far met in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, we’re off to Stockholm, Sweden.  Once again, our gallant team of volunteers has assembled a fantastic agenda of IBM and community speakers, spectacular social events, and the usual stimulating opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing.  In short, with just 38 days to go until the event kicks off on 13th November, we are stoked about the event – we truly believe it will be one of our best ever.

Given the above, and spurred on by some very valid constructive feedback from our community members, the Social Connections team felt it was more than time to refresh our slightly tired old web presence! Whilst the content was good, the look, feel and usability certainly left something to be desired.

However, a mundane ‘lick of paint’ job was not enough for Wannes and Martin, so they took a flaming torch to the old site and out of the embers has risen the very beautiful and much more usable new site you can see in the screenshot on this post.  With details of our speakers, event schedule, links to register, plenty of information on the practicalities of attending, latest news, and much more besides, we hope that this site will showcase our event even better than before.

So, if you haven’t checked out Social Connections before now, or are late to considering attending the next event, there is no time like the present!

If you have feedback, or would like to report any issues, do let us know via a comment on this post… We’d love to know what you think!