The last Gold sponsor to get highlighted in this series is Red Pill Now. A new sponsor to Social Connections!

Since its inception, Red Pill Now has focused on providing new and exciting ways for organizations to get the highest possible ROI from their Notes data by looking beyond the Notes client. Rather than migrating data to other platforms, Red Pill Now’s development efforts focus on cost-effective, low risk solutions based on Java and  Graph technologies. The Red Pill Now API is designed to simplify development of modern, web-based desktop and mobile applications, while the Red Pill DIG portal allows for search and discovery of content across your entire Notes domain – something simply not possible using the Notes client.

With a keen eye on outstanding user experience and interface design, Red Pill Now will work with you to leverage your Notes data in ways you may never have imagined – from design and building responsive or adaptive web applications, adding social capabilities, or making your data accessible to the Internet of Things, there is always an opportunity out there to maximize your investment and ROI from your Notes data.

Make sure to check out their website at and their booth at social Connections in Chicago!