Hi guys,

Hope everyone who went to ConnectED got back safe, and everyone else, i hope you are safe anyways!

Now that ConnectED is over, it’s time to focus on Boston and Social Connections 8. The team is still super psyched to get this show over to the US for the first time, and we wanna see you there! Listening in to some of the buzz in the corridors at ConnectED, there is interest in attending too!

We know that you are waiting for a schedule with some sessions, we’ve been working hardĀ for you to get it as soon as possible, and now it’s here! Please head over and check it out at the schedule page. We also got the speakers page up, check it out! We will update them both with details as soon as we have them confirmed.

Do you have questions on attending? Please contact us at @soccnx on Twitter or like our Facebook page, that way you can also stay up to date with what we have in store for you in April.

Oh, yes. Now that we’re through with ConnectED, we will once again kindly remind you to submit your abstracts. We got some real goodies in already, but are looking for more! Please, don’t be shy!

We’re also working on hammering out the details for the evening reception on thursday, so stay tuned for that. We promise, we’ll try to put it a bit closer than in Stockholm. (Yes, we saw the feedback).

Speaking of the feedback, it was lovely, and we’re really trying to take it all in, don’t be shy to tell us if there’s something you feel that we’ve missed, we wanna make this event as awesome as possible for everyone attending.