One could think we came out of Social Connections 13 from Manhattan (see Leonard Cohen), but actually we just wrapped up a very successful event in the fabulous city of Philadelphia!

So why Berlin then? As always, when we look at cities, we aim to find a city we think you would like. You, our speakers, our customers, our IBMers, all of you. A city where you can get to easily, where we can find and gather many alike you. People who are convinced a workplace is a better place when people work together, with tools and solutions that makes humans come closer, not further apart.

So we ended up with Berlin! And we hope you are as excited as we are! We have been in Germany once before, when we arranged Social Connections 8 in Stuttgart in 2015, and we have many fond memories from that conference. Our goal is to reproduce them and make even better ones this time!

Next thing we do, when we found our city, is look for a venue. Oh my so much to chose from! Fear not, we have chosen.

Welcome to a fantastic venue called Spreespeicher. (Our team member Nico gives free courses in how to pronounce that in fluent German.) The venue is an old warehouse and is located riverside on the river Spree and is close to the world famous Oberbaumbrücke. One of Berlins oldest bridges dating back to 1732 in it oldest wooden form. The bridge was used in the novel and mini series Smileys People by John le Carré, as a handover location.

We are truly excited to announce our 14th event and we hope you will join us there!

Look out for more information in the next coming days about how to participate. We are inviting:

  • sponsors to exhibit your solutions and services
  • speakers to tell the audience about your latest findings
  • attendees who are eager to learn about the latest in the IBM collaboration space

See you in Berlin 16-17 October 2018