Social Connections VII bannerDo you want to speak at the number one European (and soon US) social conference? I know I want to, let me give you some reasons to submit an abstract…

  • We have 5 different tracks to make sure everyone can find sessions that fit their interest.
    • We are looking for some high technical sessions in our Development and Infrastructure tracks to make sure all geeks (like me) get their subscribed dose.
    • In our Case study track we are looking for some real world stories that show the true value of the products
    • We are also looking for sessions that can convince CIOs, CEOs, … to actually invest in the products we all love in our Management track
    • And last but not least, we would like some of our sponsors to showcase the real value of their products in the Sponsors track
  • I have been told Stockholm is an amazing city. So if you are tired of the hot weather in the region you live in, join us to experience some real wintertimes! 🙂 You can find an introduction to Stockholm here.
  • It is a great conference to speak at and of course you can watch all the other great sessions. I have spoken at two Social Connections in the past and it was a great experience.
  • Join the exclusive VIP reception on Friday evening

So are you up for it yet? Of course we are looking for some experienced speakers, but we are also looking for some hidden gems. People that have an interesting story to tell, but might not realise this yet themselves. so if you haven’t spoken at a conference yet, but you feel like this is your moment, go for it.  All sessions will be 30 minutes, so you only really need 20 or so slides, plus a story to tell!

To get an idea of sessions at our past conference, have a look at the Prague agenda and the recorded sessions.

We are expecting your abstracts before 31/8 via this link.  We can’t wait to hear from you!