While the team is working super hard to get Social Connections VII ready to roll, it is time to take a last look back at the previous event.

Social Connections VI in Prague was a great conference, many have written about it already, but it is time for some facts based on the feedback we received through the surveys.

As a starter I want to thank all of you that took the time to fill out the survey, your feedback is very important for us as we try to improve the conference at every occurrence to provide an even better experience.

One of the most important statistics for us as organisers is if you would recommend this conference to someone else and if you want to return to the next one.

A whopping 91% would consider attending the next conference, 100% would recommend to someone else. That is just fantastic.

Here are the most interesting results on the conference organisation in general.

  • 85% found the venue (Hotel Ambassador) good to excellent
  • We hit a sweet spot on our online registration system with a 98% satisfaction rate
  • Agenda and location information received 98% as well
  • And the overall organisation received 93%

Some of the comments left in the surveys turn out to be very useful. Here are some of the enhancements we are considering or implementing based on your feedback:

  • We intend to print a map of the venue to include in the welcome pack as we had some comments on rooms that were difficult to find.
  • We are revamping the website as we write this.
  • We are discussing the possibility to have some longer sessions for some of the deep technical content.

So what about the feedback on the sessions and the speakers? I agree that food is important, and I like a 10 Gb wifi connection but in the end we want great content and ditto speakers (session links go to their recordings on Vimeo):

Our opening session scored a 92% satisfaction rate which is pretty impressive.

In the main venue, the top sessions were:

For the Administration track, our top performers received scores of

The Case/Sponsor track had the following top ratings:

And last but not least on the Development track:

We’re truly thrilled by these excellent ratings, and they’re much deserved by our exceptional speakers that travel such distances and give us so much time to attend the events.

As ever, the team will be trying hard to do even better at the Stockholm event.  The agenda is shaping up incredibly well, and will be published next week.

In the meantime, if you want to take in some exceptional Social Business content, you know where to come!