Social Connections

Social Connections V was a blast!  

Beautiful city (Zurich), great turnout (180), fabulous sessions (26), wonderful sponsors (10) and much much more besides…  

We still have lots of great content and photos to share from the event, so look out for those over the next few weeks as the team recover from their post-event stresses and strains and plan for the next event.

Next event?!

Yep, you heard it right… We’ll be back for yet another fantastic Social Business and IBM Connections user group very soon.  


After five events in just under two years (it seems crazy just saying that), the team has taken a well earned break and is now planning for the next event to take place in April 2014.  

This has given us an extra four months or so to pull together the details for an even bigger and better event next time.  This will ideally allow us to grow the agenda into a multi-day event and thus give everyone involved even better bang for their buck (or in the case of attendees, even better value for their free registration fee)!


The million dollar question!  

After events in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland, there has been talk of heading to locations in Europe or even to the USA.  The team are keeping all options open for the future, but after much consideration, have decided that the immediate plans are to continue to grow and sustain our wonderful European community. 

Flag Pins Norway Sweden

We are therefore looking for an event location in Sweden or Norway for Social Connections VI.  Finding a classy location with good travel links that can accommodate up to 250 attendees, can host 3 or 4 sessions simultaneously and have space for sponsors and networking is not as easy as it may seem, particularly for a self-funded user group!  

Therefore, we are definitely open to suggestions!  We have already had some great ideas flow in over Twitter, but if you know of a great location that we might be able to use for Social Connections VI, please do let us know.  Likewise, if your organisation would be interested in helping us to organise the event in your neighbourhood then we would love to hear from you!


As you may be aware, Social Connections is run by a team of experienced, passionate, knowledgeable but slightly mad volunteers!  As attendees to previous events would hopefully attest, this group manages to put on large, well-organised events that would put many a professional events organisation to shame.

This event will see some significant changes in this team (more details later) so we are on the lookout for more willing folks to step forward to join the team, particularly those native to Scandinavia.  We can promise lots of laughs, strong coffee, camaraderie, in-jokes and lengthy Skype chats.  In return, there’ll be no pay, but you’ll get to be part of one of the best teams and events around!  If you’re interested, get in touch by email or reach out to Stuart, Sharon or Simon over one of the many social networks.

What next?

Look out for more details on, on Twitter and in the LinkedIn community.  We hope to have some date and location details for you very soon.