Hey everyone!

We’ve reached September! Where did the summer go? (Or indeed, the winter for those from the Southern Hemisphere).

What we’ve also reached is the final stretch for submitting your abstract for Social Connections VII!

Social Connections VII bannerWe know that we said that the deadline was last week, and we got a lot of great ones in, to make that date (great job by the way!)

However, we do realize that when we started planning and announcing this, most of you were on vacation, hopefully enjoying life! Therefore we have decided to give you all a few extra days to top it off.

Now we hope that you who barely got your head out of your inbox for the first weeks of work will sit down and think “Hmmm, I really would like to go to Stockholm and share my wisdom on how to avoid getting stuck in the inbox by using social software, in the middle of November”.

We can’t wait to see what kind of stories you want to share with the rest of us, but whatever it is, please observe the new deadline of September 7th. Come on and hit us with your best shot! And yes, the fact that Pat Benatar started playing in your head right about now is a gift from us. 😉

Are you up for it? We sure are!


It’s the final countdown! To use a quote from a famous swedish band. Musical references all around!

Have a nice one, and see you all in Stockholm in November!