As we are approaching April 16, the date for the first day of the Social Connections conference, we will be highlighting all our sponsors. This event could not happen without their support and we are delighted to have them on board as each one plays a really important role in helping to fund the event but also as a member of our community.

So we present you one of our sponsors for Social Connections, Bronze sponsor for Boston: AppFusions


AppFusions is a packaged systems’ integration company focused on saying “Yes!” to your most common integration challenges between the business systems you use the most. AppFusions’ solutions are use-case / pain-point driven – solving logical yet challenging integration problems, with eliminated hassle.

Due to AppFusions’ extended partnership and technology relationships with some of the most prolific collaboration and workflow platform vendors in the industry, such as IBM, Microsoft, Dropbox, Google, Jive, Atlassian, Box, Lingotek, Egnyte, Alfresco, and more, AppFusions’ solutions bridge and scale to your Enterprise needs. Our 50+ solutions (and growing) include everything for IT integration and deployment success: rich native user interfaces to engage users more, seamless and secure authentication hurdles solved, smooth logical data transactions to save you time, and sustained platform version support as you grow.

With AppFusions, gone are the days of long RFP processes, lengthy requirements’ definition phases, long procurement approval cycles, delayed or deferred PoC windows. Instead, AppFusions’ solutions are available and deployed within days, and often hours. Our solutions are ready to go: quick to deploy yourself (or with light support if needed) – for trial, and quick to appease – to buy.

With AppFusions, you succeed faster, better, smoother. Because that’s the way it should be.

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