As we are approaching April 16, the date for the first day of the Social Connections conference, we will be highlighting all our sponsors. This event could not happen without their support and we are delighted to have them on board as each one plays a really important role in helping to fund the event but also as a member of our community.

So we present you one of our returning sponsors for Social Connections, Silver sponsor for Boston: Infoware

Infoware Thumbnail

With good understanding of client challenges and with focus on Social Business, Infoware has for 20 years developed successful products that make IBM Platforms more efficient. Among the experiences include content and user management, as well as platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Our customers have used our products successfully to automate administration tasks of user management, application management and solving email issues of archiving, out of office and quota handling. We are proud to say that our customers continue to use our products, renewing their maintenance from year to year. Once you have it, you cannot live without it.

Infoware works long term with large organizations, where both premises and social strategies vary widely. Together with our clients, we are navigating through change processes, organizational and cultural challenges and alters the foundation of the way of working. Thanks to the decreased distances in the organization, customers can then cost-effectively increase knowledge transfer, productivity and innovation.

We are probably the largest IBM Partner in Scandinavia with full focus on IBM Business. IBM Premier Business Partner with IBM-focus since 1995 and we work primarily with worldwide enterprise clients.

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