During the lead up to the Social Connections VI event in Prague in June, the team will be highlighting each of our valued sponsors in turn.  We are delighted to have their support  – without it we really couldn’t deliver this event and offer the completely no-fee attendance that we do.

We are happy to announce our next sponsor.  Back again for another year of sponsoring Social Connections and this year as a Gold sponsor:  Infoware Solutions

Infoware – your Social Business Knowledge Partnerinfoware_logo

Infoware is one of the largest IBM Premier Business Partner in Scandinavia with full focus on IBM Social Business. With good understanding of their customers’ challenges and expertise Social Business, they develop successful products that make IBM platforms more efficient. Their experiences include content and user management, as well as social platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Today, they have gathered all of their company experience in implementing and managing IBM Connections, and developed a revolutionary tool for easy and powerful management of content and user access.

Infoware works long term with large organizations, where social strategies vary widely. Together with their clients, they are navigating through organizational and cultural challenges. Thanks to the reduced distances in the organizations, clients can then cost-effectively increase both knowledge sharing, productivity and innovation.

We bring business value in Social Business!

DomainPatrol Social – stay socialDomainPatrolSocial

  • Do not glue your business content to the bookshelves
  • Let your organization evolve with your shared knowledge
  • Reorganize your IBM Connections content in a snap.

As you may know, DomainPatrol Social is the powerful tool to move and merge content or users in an IBM Connections environment.

What does it do?

DomainPatrol Social can move individual entries or whole Blogs, Communities, Wikis, Forums, Activities to and from Communities.

You can also merge content from Wikis, Blogs or Forums and even move or merge whole Communities. Additionally you can administer User Access and Roles in a convenient way. Solve highly complex administration tasks in a simple UI.

Why do I need it?

Ease the administration for your IBM Connections environment forever; perform complicated tasks in a snap.

DomainPatrol Social shapes your social business platform into an attractive arena that grows with your organization. DomainPatrol Social makes the users trust IBM Connections with their time and documents. Clean up the IBM Connections for less support, issues and problems during upgrades.

Vist Infoware’s website:  www.infoware.com

Try DomainPatrol Social for free: online.domainpatrolsocial.com