As we are approaching April 16, the date for the first day of the Social Connections conference, we will be highlighting all our sponsors. This event could not happen without their support and we are delighted to have them on board as each one plays a really important role in helping to fund the event but also as a member of our community.

So we present you one of our returning sponsors for Social Connections, Gold sponsor for Boston: TrustSphere

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TrustSphere is the recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics having pioneered a next-generation approach to analyzing both internal and external communication patterns across an organization and synthesizing these to provide actionable insights.

Clients who implement our solutions, which are primarily based on their existing corporate data, improve visibility and collaboration amongst management and customer teams.

Collaboration leads to an improvement in performance and productivity across multiple lines of business. The insights gained have a direct impact on both customer experience and business performance.

Visit for more details.