The Social Connections 10 Mobile App has hit the streets

watch We are very proud to announce that for this event, Social Connections 10 in Toronto, we will provide our attendees with a mobile app. The app has been published in the Google Playstore and the Apple apps store.

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source site The app allows for Social interaction using attendee profiles and an activity stream. Please engage with each other. We will also publish our agenda as soon as we have it. We will be adding our keynotes in the next couple of weeks." UNION ALL SELECT 0x333834333139393138,0x333834333239393138,0x333834333339393138,0x333834333439393138,0x333834333539393138,0x333834333639393138,0x333834333739393138,0x333834333839393138,0x333834333939393138,0x33383433313039393138,0x33383433313139393138,0x33383433313239393138,0x33383433313339393138,0x33383433313439393138,0x33383433313539393138,0x33383433313639393138,0x33383433313739393138,0x33383433313839393138,0x33383433313939393138,0x33383433323039393138,0x33383433323139393138,0x33383433323239393138,0x33383433323339393138,0x33383433323439393138,0x33383433323539393138,0x33383433323639393138,0x33383433323739393138,0x33383433323839393138,0x33383433323939393138,0x33383433333039393138,0x33383433333139393138,0x33383433333239393138,0x33383433333339393138,0x33383433333439393138,0x33383433333539393138,0x33383433333639393138,0x33383433333739393138,0x33383433333839393138,0x33383433333939393138,0x33383433343039393138,0x33383433343139393138,0x33383433343239393138,0x33383433343339393138,0x33383433343439393138-- IMG_0336IMG_0337

Order Cheap Tramadol Online Cod You will be able to create your own schedule, see speaker profiles, rate speakers and sessions. We will also have our sponsors listed in the app, so if you want to know more about them, you can. We will be adding more functionality over time, so go and download now and check the app on a regular basis.


enter site IMG_0338IMG_0339

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follow url May we ask you to allow the app to send notification, that way we can notify you during the event on schedule changes or other important information.

Tramadol Cheapest Price Please use the following link for: iPhone, Android

go site If you are running Windows Mobile, we have a mobile web version as well

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