Dear friends!

As you know we and everybody else needs to adapt to the current situation in the world. I can be easy or it can be tough. But no challenge is too tricky to solve for an agile bunch of people like us! We and you work in a collaboration community driven by change, and most of us are used to evolving work situations and new ways of working. So when the world is constantly changing, we find ways.

All of us testifies that we now see an increase in the use of collaboration software within companies. Digital workplaces, chat tools, meeting rooms. All of it. So we feel it is more important than ever to arrange meeting places were we can discuss these needs.

We have updates for you!

LetsConnect 2020 will be a virtual one

Our original plan was to have the conference 28-29 September, so we are sticking to those days, but extending them to the whole week. 28 September – 2 October 2020.

The reason is that we will spread out the sessions during the days to make it easier for you to follow along. You do not now have to book a whole day in front of your computer. You can now pin point the sessions that intrigues you and attend those.

The event will be held to match several time zones. We welcome attendees from all over the world.

One session we are sure will intrigue you is the keynote with Danielle Baptiste, Associate Vice President, Product Management at HCL Technologies. She will update us on the latest on HCL Connections.

We will also fill the week with deep dive technical sessions, customer stories on using HCL Connections sessions, best practices sessions and more.

You will also have the possibilities to network with the community and ask experts in our virtual interest rooms.

Do you want to do a session on the virtual event? Submit your abstract here: https://letsconnect.world/submit-abstract/

More information will follow.

Questions? Contact us at team@letsconnect.world

LetsConnect 2021 will be in Madrid!

We of course look to the future. LetsConnect 2021 will take place in Madrid. One year later than planned, but hey. Let’s look forward to see the vibrant community and eat that tapas plate a little longer.

Book your calendar for 27-28 September 2021!

More information about this conference will follow. But most important, put it in your calendar.

For early sponsoring opportunities, speaker opportunities or questions in general, contact us at team@letsconnect.world

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