For the first time at Social Connections VI, we recorded every single session in glorious HD video – opening and closing sessions, keynotes, breakouts and even our ‘Pardon the Interruption’ panel. This was a huge (and expensive) undertaking but one that we think will be massively valuable in terms of increasing the volume of IBM Connections information and education available to the community.

Next to be highlighted is a session from our Management track delivered by Chris Crummey of IBM. Chris is the Executive Director of Sales For Social Business at IBM. With 25 years as an IBMer, he will be able to provide a LOB perspective on the value of a culture of a “Social Business”.

His session brief was as follows:

This session will focus on the the major milestones and journey of IBM as a “Social Business. We will present a combination of “Day in the Life” examples followed by an overview of the major milestones achieved by IBM. This session will focus on the process, culture, and IT programs designed to successfully deploy an “Social Business.”


Here’s the session – it’s in full HD and clocking in at over 45 minutes, so make it full screen and enjoy!


Understanding the journey of becoming a Social Business, Chris Crummey  from the Social Connections VI channel, by Social Connections.

All the main tent sessions from the first day of Social Connections VI are now available on the event channel, and the remainder of the sessions will be published over the next few weeks (that’s the downside of HD-quality recordings – they take a while to upload!).