For the first time at Social Connections VI, we recorded every single session in glorious HD video – opening and closing sessions, keynotes, breakouts and even our ‘Pardon the Interruption’ panel. This was a huge (and expensive) undertaking but one that we think will be massively valuable in terms of increasing the volume of IBM Connections information and education available to the community.

Next to be highlighted is a main tent session delivered by Kramer Reeves and Hans Petter Dalen, both from IBM.  Kramer is Director of Product Management and is based in the US, whilst HP is European Sales Executive, IBM Messaging Solutions.

Their session brief was as follows:

With the announcement of IBM Mail Next, IBM has a wide selection of social mail clients, including IBM Notes and the mail interface in IBM Connections. Each are serving their own purpose and this session will take you through the various use cases and which option you should consider in order to accelerate your social business journey by moving adoption of social capabilities to your collaboration client. The session will also cover IBMs social mail roadmaps and how a fully integrated collaboration client will help you realise your company’s full creative potential and save you time and money through smarter collaboration. There will be plenty of interaction and cool demos.

Here’s their session – it’s in full HD and runs for 52 minutes, so make it full screen and enjoy!

The IBM Social Mail Roadmap, Kramer Reeves & Hans Petter Dalen from the Social Connections VI channel, by Social Connections.

All the main tent sessions from the first day of Social Connections VI are now available on the event channel, and the remainder of the sessions will be published over the next few weeks (thats the downside of HD-quality recordings – they take a while to upload!).