For the first time at Social Connections VI, we recorded every single session in glorious HD video – opening and closing sessions, keynotes, breakouts and even our ‘Pardon the Interruption’ panel. This was a huge (and expensive) undertaking but one that we think will be massively valuable in terms of increasing the volume of IBM Connections information and education available to the community.

First to be highlighted here is (of course) our keynote speaker, Luis Benitez who should need no introduction as one of IBM’s Connections product managers, Connect demo god and well known blogger!

Speaking just prior to Connections 5.0 shipping, this was his brief:

This new release of IBM Connections brings new capabilities such as the ability to bring customers and partners into the conversation, work with your files offline, amazing new mobile capabilities, and more. Learn the significance of this release and why you shouldn’t wait to upgrade.

IBM Connections “Next” is Here – Why It Matters!, Luis Benitez (IBM) from the Social Connections VI channel, by Social Connections.

All the main tent sessions from the first day of Social Connections VI are now available on the event channel, and the rest of the sessions will be published over the next few weeks (thats the downside of HD-quality recordings – they take a while to upload!). Thanks to our good friends at H2Omaniacs¬†for recording and producing the recordings – I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve done a wonderful job!