We are back again! This time in Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.

After two full house events both in Copenhagen and Stockholm last year, we are at it again. Both events were a great success and created lot’s of enthusiasm among the participants.

So, wether you are a former “Lotus Notes/Domino” user or now an active HCL software user, a customer, a developer or just an enthusiast who want to get updated with the latest news, talk to HCL’s experts or just meet other skilled users – save the dates in your calendar:

– Oslo, Norway Tuesday 22. October 2024
– Stockholm, Sweden, Thursday 24. October 2024.

At this event you will be presented of all the news regarding collaboration software from the new giant in the software universe – HCL. You will learn about new versions of the software, new and faster methods to develop your own solutions, meet customers who share their experience, and have all the opportunities to meet HCL’s own experts.

Since HCL took over a great software stack from IBM some years ago, they have modernised, improved and innovated new solutions and had a great success developing their new HCL Software division and grown the company both in numbers of employees and financially.

The Let’s Connect Nordics is an independent User Group that promises a refreshing conference experience. Instead of a traditional two-day event confined to a single Nordic capital, we’re taking a different approach. We’re hitting the road to reach you, the community members, in your own cities.

Let’s Connect Nordics is not just another conference; it’s a traveling spectacle, a veritable flying circus! Our mission is to bring HCL Software experts directly to you, offering invaluable insights into the latest technologies and strategies. Consider us your new Nordic community and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for October and secure your spot at Let’s Connect Nordic 2024.

Ready to join us on this exciting journey? Register here and we will keep you informed as the planning goes ahead! Welcome!