We’ll go straight to the point: The agenda for our 2 half day September event is published!

We have for example several interesting sessions from HCL Offering Management scheduled. For example “Connections v8” and “Business Value of Connections”. And more!

We hope this intrigues you as much as it does to us, so head on over to our website to take a look and register! (Scroll down for some highlights.)

Join us on 28 – 29 September 2021 at 3 pm CET to hear news from HCL and the Let’sConnect team.



Andrew Manby





HCL Keynote: The State of Collaboration in 2021 and Beyond

As the past year has proven, enabling employees to keep the organization running and meet their professional and personal objectives while working remotely has become a mission-critical requirement.

HCL Connections has always been in the forefront in providing an open platform that fosters engagement, communication, and collaboration. In this session, Senior Vice President Richard Jefts and Vice President Andrew Manby will share their perspective on the state of collaboration today and the role that Connections is playing in driving it forward into the future.



Prof. Dr. Petra Schubert






Enterprise Collaboration: A Zoo of Tools – Current Strategies behind Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

Join this session and hear about the different approaches used by user organisations to develop their software portfolio for Enterprise Collaboration.

We are going to discuss the complex collaborative technology landscape in order to understand the evolving portfolios of collaboration software currently in use in organizations. This will include the examination of different areas of collaboration activity that these tools support and the areas of overlapping and redundant functionality. We will present findings from a study of 23 user organisations in which we identified three dominant strategies. In this session, you will learn how the companies in our sample are addressing the zoo of software tools to shape their Enterprise Collaboration Platform.








The Connections Roadmap: A First Glimpse at v8.0

We have shared our plans for HCL Connections 8 in the past so you have probably heard about or even seen the new designs by now. But let us give you a refresher on what the development teams are working on.


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