Every Social Connections event has been different – after all, we’ve hosted every one in a new country so far!  So the culture, the language and the surroundings definitely influence the kind of atmosphere and interactions that take place.  That’s the joy of being a truly international user group!

However, there are certainly common themes…

  • A gathering of like-minded and passionate advocates of Social Business technologies, collaborative approaches and the use of IBM solutions.
  • Awesome content from internationally renown speakers, plus some case studies that you’ll hear nowhere else.
  • Hearing the latest product news – from IBM and from third-party vendors. We’ve been thrilled to hear from IBM product managers at almost every event – including Heidi Ambler, Luis Benitez, Kramer Reeves and in Boston, Suzanne Livingston.
  • A mix of business and technical… From high-level strategy and user adoption tips right down to geeky sessions on TDI assembly lines and widget development. The team always aim for a broad mix of deep content.
  • An atmosphere of openness and sharing. Attendees come with an attitude of wanting to make the most from the event, the opportunities and to be ready for meeting others that may start as strangers but will likely become friends in the long-run.
  • We weave ‘Social’ with ‘social’… This is about having fun, making connections, and re-energising ourselves and each other for the hard work ahead!

That’s a lot of words, right?  Well as ever, a picture paints a thousand words, and a video… Well that must be a million, right?

So here’s our overview video from Social Connections VI, the event that took place in Prague in June 2014…

Like what you see?  Well there’s no time like the present!  Register for Social Connections 8 today!