Maybe you’ve already checked out our agenda and seen the hints…?  Either way, we are thrilled to officially announce that we’ll have three keynote speakers at Social Connections VII! All three keynote speakers are Social Connections veterans and we are honored to have them back to speak again.

LouisRichardsonFirst up…Louis Richardson.  I don’t exaggerate when I say that Louis is one of the premier story tellers of the social business story. Although he is from IBM, the message is always unbiased and about how to work smarter using social. Louis rarely even mentions a product as he speaks.  One of my favorite presentations from Louis is ‘Have you lost your mind‘.

MikeRoche052011Second…we have Mike Roche. Mike is the Chief Technologist at IBM Ireland and works directly with development of IBM Connections. Interestingly enough, Mike was one of the of the speakers at the first Social Connections event ever in 2011. Mike will be sure to bring us the latest news of what IBM has planned for IBM Connections.

Luis SuarezAnd last but not least, we have Luis Suarez. An independent social business trusted advisor, who is leading the charge to work out loud as a charter member of Change Agents Worldwide. Luis is a passionate evangelist who speaks from his heart. He delivered one of the top sessions at Social Connections VI in Prague, ‘From Adaptation to Engagement‘.

If you have never seen these three guys speak, you are in for a real treat! And if you have see them, don’t worry…they will be delivering new and exciting presentations not previously seen at any Social Connections event!

So, if you haven’t already…go register now for Social Connections VII and we’ll see you in Stockholm on November 13th and 14th!