The last week have been busy in the team! The weekly run, the dog walk, that extra coffee break or the after work with friends were all cancelled. Our joined forces has been pointed in one direction only. The Agenda!

First, thank you all for submitting such interesting and professional abstracts! Just to read through them all was a treat in itself, and to get to chose from them an even bigger one. I can reveal that our scheduled team meeting where we concluded our votes doubled in time and discussions ran high.

And now we are done! The agenda is published! The mix of sessions is awesome. Both within the different tracks and in total. You will surely recognize some familiar names among our speakers, but also a bunch of new ones. This is what I like most. Our community is constantly growing, moving changing, evolving. To the better!

For example we will give you insight in the very large company Lowe’s journey to become a Collaborative Company. And IBM’s Take on the Future told by Sarah Gibbons, Luis Benitez and Christopher Crummey.

We are also proud to present to you 10 fresh case studies! Learn best practices and listen to those who have solved problems you might struggle with right now.

Or an interesting Case Study: Win, Win, Win: Changing Attitudes, Adopting Socail and Going Green with Graham Acres, Brytek Systems Inc. and Delores Beier, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. Last but not least Best and worst practices deploying IBM Connections with Christoph Stoettner and Nico Meisenzahl, panagenda.

So now, when we in the team (only momentarily) fold back our desk chairs, stretch our legs and gaze out through the window, you only got one thing to do:

Register for this amazing event which will give you sparking ideas, networking, knowledge sharing and social seeds planting.

/Maria (your friendly Social Connections team member)

P.S. Today we counted 18 IBM Champions who will speak, network and mingle around the conference. That number will most likely change.